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Related post: Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 12:40:19 -0800 (PST) From: T Chase McPhee Subject: Out In The Wild, Wild West 17The following story is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblance to real people is entirely preteen super models coincidental in nature, and is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons in towns, cities, or governmental areas, in which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story by law. This is fiction. Do not forget, in real life, to think about 'sexual safety matter'; got condom?"Out In The Wild, Wild West" xxx preteen list 17 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"Keep underage preteen girls at it, Arthur. It's the last chance we're going to have at freedom.""And where preteen model thongs did this `deep', `heartfelt', `brotherly' sense of love and devotion come from all of a sudden, Artemis?"Thinking quickly, Artemis Gordon, tied up with the anchor and other gear, aboard Captain Skinner's vessel, replies, "Listen, when teen preteen sex we consider what deep shit we're in, Arthur, one can't point the finger."Arthur Foxworth thought that to be a rational answer and went back to gnawing the ropes binding his wrists, on preteen halloween erotic the cut preteenie lesbian glass. Not wanting to spend two years adrift at sea, along with all the duties of the captain and crew's `bitch', slave and other degrading positions, the two worked feverishly to sever their bindings, before preteen imgboard nudes she sets sail."I think I've got it!" Artemis shouts out, feeling something around preteen thongs pictures his right wrist, give."Good. Hurry and get free, preteen having sex then untie me," Foxworth agitatedly responded, stopping at his own efforts of release.Artemis Gordon very quickly released his right wrist, then left side. Bending forward, as he sat on the floorboards of the ship, he loosened his ankles."Hurry, Artemis! I think I hear one of the crew coming!"However, as Gordon freed himself, he stood tall, in front of his seated companion, rubbing his jane preteen model wrists."C'mon Artemis! Hurry! Release me!""On second thoughts, Arthur, I feel a couple of years, for you at sea, might do us both some good!"As Artemis left the hold, he could hear every naughty word, in the book, hurled at his back. Being the sleek, sly character he could be, when the situation warranted it, he ducked into one of the crew quarters. In a wooden chest, he found some articles of clothing befitting a man on board of a cargo vessel. With his mastering of disguises, he used ordinary materials, lying about, to doctor up his features. With the perfect of disguises, he was easily able to preteens sucking cocks slip past the crew. Even Captain Skinner didn't catch on, when Artemis accidentally crossed his path, on deck. They rubbed elbows."Pardon me, cap'n," he conjured up, in a raspy voice.Walking with a limp, Gordon found his way, forum fashion preteen down the gangplank. Buried in the sea of sailors and the busy wharf traffic, he made his getaway.%"You're a very lucky man, Mr. West, after the ordeal you just told me about.""Every word James underaged preteen naked has told you, is the truth too, Dr. Lee.""Oh, I boy pictures preteen don't doubt it, Mr. Birch, considering what I have been doctoring him up for, what? How many a year has girl preteen cuties it been, Mr. West?""Let's see now," Jim ponders, "I'm thirty-five. Started with the Secret Service when I was out of college... it has to be fifteen years, give or take one or two, Dr. Lee.""Is that how long you two have been connected?" Robert Birch asks.Dr. Lee preteen bikinis legal looks at Jim, whom gives him a sassy look back, then replies to the thirty-six year old, "Um, I think `connected' might be a poor choice of words, Bob!"After black pic preteen Birch watches the two exchange glances, he then gets a second opinion, stating, "I mean, preteen panties when you two first met up?"However, preteens nudes magazine what Robert Birch is really wondering, is if Dr. Lee looks so hot on preteen czech boys the outside, what is he packin' underneath?Jim offers, "I think you ought to check this fellow out, as well, Dr. Lee," he takes Birch's arm in his and pats him on the back."Me? Oh no, James. I'm as fit and rugged as ten men!" He began to circumvent his feelings, evading Jim's notion.Robert Birch little preteen angles turns, watching James preteen models nudists put the finishing touches on his tie, take his jacket from the coat rack, place his hat on his head and make his exit. He too, tries to leave with James, nude preteen pedro however, a hand on his chest, presses him back inside, the door closing."What do you make archive preteens nudes of that, doctor..... oooooooh my!"Making preteen erotic blog an about face, Robert's face shows the astonishment of Dr. Lee, standing tall, his pants sliced open in the middle and a soft, fat shaft careening outwards, like a waterfall. His hands are placed on his hips, as if a dominant master, waiting for his boy."Why don't you lock the door, `young man', so that we are not disturbed for your examination?"`Oooooh my," Robert preteen ls fantasy again resounds. As he goes for the lock on the door, he informs Dr. Lee, "But I'm not a bottom. I'm...""While you are in `my' office, you are whomever I please you to be!""Hey, now wait a minute. First things first, here..."Most likely, it's the finger, waving in his face, that Dr. Lee opposed to. What else would cause him to remove a hand from his comfy stance and slap Robert Birch across the face. extreme preteen girls Twas a powerful hint, too, as it sent him flying to the side, landing him on his knees."Why you!"Short-lived, preteens and masturbating became the battle of the tops. Robert looked promising, as his six foot height towered cute preteen art over Dr. Lee's five feet, nine inches. However, Birch had been brought up on fists and guts, whereas Lee's predecessor's used science and precision, coupled with one's inner being. In no time, he had Robert Birch flat out on the examination table. Before Robert could recover from his dazed position, Dr. Lee had a strap over his legs, at the ankles and thighs."Hey! What the fuck is this?" Birch yelled out.Bringing from the traditional manner of securing the `insane', the thirty-four year old doctor had secured Robert's wrists above his head. Attaching to each, a metal handcuff securing preteen speedo pics his right wrist, wrapped over a hook in the wall nude photos preteen dazzling models preteen and then fastened to his left wrist. Returning to the foot of the table, Dr. Lee threw a fit of terror into Robert, grinning, as he attached a leather binding around his left ankle. Next, he fidgeted with a latch, topless preteen model under ptreteen preteen the table. All Robert Birch could do, is allow his legs to become separated, right up to the middle, causing the lower portion of his body to take on the shape of a rather wide `V'."Heeeeey! What the fuck hot preteen fotos you doing, Lee? I ain't no James West here," Birch replied, regarding West's abilities to take massive amounts of pain and still get a tickle out of it.Not owing an explanation, but deciding to prolong the misery of Birch's mental state, Lee replied, preteen hardcore topsites "Ah, yes, however it is Mr. West whom became the very reason for me to `alter' my medical practice?""Noooo... what the fuck you amateur brazilian preteens going to do to me?""Unfortunately for you, Mr. Birch, you will not be able to see!"Robert's world became blackened, as Dr. Lee russian preteen pictures began wrapping a black cloth around his head, obscuring preteen thong angles his vision. Robert Birch cursed out loud, hurtling not only nasty words, but insults, plus words that would suggest his intent to get even with James West!%"Well, hello boys!""Don't you know how to fuckin' knock?" J J asked."Sorry big brother, but we don't have anyplace else to go.""I think we can make some room for you two in here," Braedon replies.He lifts the cover of the rather large bed the two have been nesting in, inviting Sean and his younger friend in, next to him. Setting the pace, the eighteen year old begins to loosen the buttons of his shirt."C'mon, Cal, it's okay.""I don't know, Sean. I never..."JJ points out, "Yeah, preteen nude loving nothing to be afraid of, Cal... except Brae's bad breath...owwwwch! What'd you do that for, Brae!"Getting even, Braedon slapped his big hand onto vicky underage preteen JJ's stomach, the preteen nubile pubescent extrem preteens one he used in the pub to swat his little brother's ass. Branded on JJ's stomach, gorgeous preteen pics a bright red hand-shaped welt appeared.Sean had stripped down way faster than Cal, whom had lost the shirt only, by the time Sean was ready to slip under the covers."Hey, where do you think you're going?""Just because you invited us into the bed, big brother, russian sexy preteens doesn't mean I have to enter from your side.""Yeah," agrees JJ.Sean mentions, "Besides, it gratis preteen gallery wouldn't be the female preteen model first time JJ and I...oops!"This time, JJ preteen nude ukranian protected his stomach, folding over preteenz boyz nude into the eighteen year old, like a salami sandwich."You've been two-timing me!" Braedon yelled out, the hand up, readying to strike anywhere that suited him."I think I better go," came the meek voice, which diverted Braedon's attention.First looking at his hand, Braedon lowered it, smacked it against his other big hand, as to finish up a big project, slapping the dust away."Now look what you went and done, big brother!" Sean blamed.By now, Cal had begun to re-shirt his body, his right arm diving for the free preteens mpeg sleeve, as his left hand held the collar. He preteen toplists bbs looked behind his back, to recover the escaping fabric."Hey, now what a minute there, Cal," Braedon called out.Brushing the covers away, the twenty-five year old hopped out pedo preteen fuck of bed.He heard his little brother whisper to JJ, preteen nymph gallery `hee hee... look's like Brae's preteen porn picutures got the hots for Cal!', but overlooked it for the time being. Ignoring the two, he missed nude sandra preteen JJ sweetly caressing Sean, hands all over his body, as well as lips."No, I better jenny preteen model go.""You don't have to go, Cal. Things aren't what they look... I mean seem.""I don't know, Brae," the seventeen year old said, stationary, with one arm in the sleeve, one out."Hey, look," Braedon tried explaining, a hand on a hip, finger and thumb touching the bridge of his nose. If he had been fully facing Cal, he would have noticed the eyes traveling up and down his body. It's not until he collected himself flat preteen sex that he found the journey taking place."What?" Braedon asked, looking himself up and down.Realizing nude preteen star what had just taken place, he smiled."Hee hee, wanna touch me?""Um," Cal replied, matter-of-factly, with little else to say, "I dunno." Then, back in his young shocking preteens face, Braedon got, "Wanna touch me?"Sean pipes up, "He's wanted to do that since we were in the pub last night!"Cal could not see the middle finger showing on Braedon's finger, as he held it up, for the privileged ones benefit, behind preteen picturesa his preteen cartoon pics back.To make matters more suspenseful for Braedon, Cal picked up on Sean's tip, asking, "Is that true, Brae?""Um, well...""I mean, I'm only seventeen years old and you're twenty-two?""Five.""Whoooa, twenty-five. Oh, you're a lot older than me."Trying to weasel out of it, as Cal is really beginning to interest him, significantly, he sven preteen board states, as if an excuse, "We're not that, proportionately older, as them two," pointing his thumb back at the bed."How old is, um... him?""JJ? Twenty-two.""One," JJ corrects preteen top list Braedon.""He's almost twenty-two," Braedon says, on the side so that only Cal's ears hear it."Let's see, then. That makes them four years apart.""And we're only six," Braedon figures, then wet preteen adds, pre teen cunts "and if you consider that only two years more, than....what's two years?""Is that why...""Why what, Cal?""Why your cock is so hard?"Looking down, Braedon looks vlads girls preteens at his semi-hard shaft, almost pointing at Cal, like a compass."Well, uh," Braedon stutters."Is your cock hard, because you want me, Brae?""Um, I"....Before bbs preteen picture Braedon can search for a meaningful, down-to-earth, scientific or otherwise lucky preteen girls explanation, Cal is on his knees!Before he helps himself, he asks, upskirt school preteen "Is it alright if I lick it?""Um... sure, but I think you might be more comfortable in the bed, Cal. That is if `you' feel comfortable?""'Floor is kind of tough on the kids preteen nude knees."On the way to the bed, Cal's shirt lay strung out on the floor. When both of them returned to the covered mattress, with bed-clothing and bodies, they received a cheer from it's occupants."Yeah, Cal," Sean cheered him on, adding, "make big brother suck you off, too!""I'm warning you, little brother!" The big hand rose into the air."Watch it, will you, Sean," JJ reprimanded, "I'm right in his line of fire!""Maybe I shouldn't..." the seventeen year old began backing off again."Oh no you don't!" Braedon intercerpted him, before he could turn, his thumbs embedded in the gymnastics preteen gallery lip of the teen's beltline. Then, sweeter, he coaxed, "That is if you still want to?""Yeah, I want to," Cal replied.For a few macro-seconds, the two stare at each other. It's Cal preteen rompl ranchi that broke the ice, placing his smaller hands on Braedon's larger youngest preteen paradise ones. Moving both sets, Cal gave Braedon the hint, his permission for him to proceed to undo his pants. Sitting lotita preteen there, his nose even with Cal's preteen model bianca teen bellyhole, the tight treasure top preteen girls trail sinking below the pant's line, Braedon went at the task.Cal's hands remained at his torso, until the fabric gave loose, when Braedon's fingers undid preteen porn pedofilia its latch. So intent on the disrobing of the teen's torso, he didn't catch on to the activity behind him. erotic preteen links Both, JJ and Sean had propped themselves up, taking backseats to the action. Braedon actually sweated preteens bbs in anticipation of what he would find, when he unveiled the teen cock.Looking over, past Braedon's blonde head of hair, he smiled when he connected eyes with Sean's. A toothy grin showed. Then he paid more attention, when the weight of his own hands caused his pants to fall, like snow in an avalanche. Looking down, he could swear that he amsterdam preteen saw Braedon's lips drooling, as he preteen schools galleries changed his stare from face, to crotch."Go for it big brother," came Sean's strong suggestion.This time, Braedon didn't flinch a muscle. Instead, he licked his lips, especially when preteen dolls models he viewed, what he saw to be, a tent growing in naked preteen russians the seventeen year olds crotch. Maybe by the power of suggestion, or the driving will of his own hormones, but Braedon's fingers grew inpatient of the wait."Oooooh!" Cal sighed, as the shorts came down, clipping sex preteen pics his cock, as if spring-loaded with a rubber slingshot.On the rebound, Braedon, shrugging off all pretensions of the top position, leaned over and caught the bounding erection in his mouth. Pursing his lips, he pressed inward, to the lightly haired pubes.Out of his mind with pleasure, of his first blowjob, Cal's hand grabbed the top of his head. He squinted, at the intense pleasure, head rolling backwards, his mouth opening, to form an `o', eliciting pleasurable tones.This time, seeing the danger of the `flailing hand' gone, called out, "why don't you preteend nude gallery get him into bed and do it right, big brother?"%"Whiskey!" James West called out... "Steve Connors?""Surprised to see me, Mr. West?""Sure as shootin', am!""Hey, no offense, Mr. West, but blouse down preteen found me a good man," the forty-two year old said, pointing out Bart, at the end of the bar, with preteen supermodels star a nod."Hmm... All the time I've been coming here and I never suspected, Steve.""Oh yeah and there's more to Bart, than the exterior faade," the learned man adds. He also blue preteen nudes cues Jim into, "Yep, there's more to Bart, than meets the eye!"Winking, Jim wonders what else Steve is trying to link to."Oh yesiree. Bart is showing me a nude preteen photographs whole new world I would have never known free teens preteen existed."With all the hints thrown, Jim can't help but pry, asking, "And what would this `new world', entail?""He calls it `sadism'. Bart says that over tiny preteen panties in the `old country', they play with whips'n'chains, binding guys up and torturing them, just for the fun of it!""You don't say?" Jim tiny titties preteen proceeds with caution, not wanting to key Steve in sexy summer preteen to the bleeding preteen nn fact that the practice of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, as a pleasurable past time, has been around for centuries and not only over the waves."Yeah and between you and me," Steve says, leaning down so preteens first fuck that a whisper escapes his lips, into only a particular one's ear, "in the basement of this very pub, is a real live medieval torture chamber!""Nooooo!" Jim preteen porn studios acts surprised.Not that Jim has ever `knowingly' been in the dungeon of Bart's pub, but over the pics pussy preteen last few years, he's been abducted, tied up and taken to a dungeon that's alledged to have been sequestered within the bowels of a tavern. More than once, the keen ears of James West picked out the squeaky door that also leads to the wine cellar."There preteen bbs svens it goes again!""There `what goes', Mr. West?""Nothing," Jim smiles, alluding to the sound young ebony preteens of the door to the wine cellar and dungeon!%Continued.....Copyright 2005 T. Luke McPhee This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission.
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